We are proud to announce open submissions

The Professional Private Investigator Directory is privately owned and operated and is designed to be used for general informational purposes only. If your private investigative agency would like to be listed in the directory you must meet the requirements below:

  • If you operate in an area requiring a license, you must be licensed and provide the license number and governmental body that issued same. If you are not a private investigator, please do not submit your site.
  • You must have a QUALITY website that includes a working telephone number. (Poorly designed or misleading web sites will not be added)
  • Your site can only offer services that you actually provide, in locations where you have a physical presence. (investigation brokers or those pretending to be global PIs will not be included.)
  • You must be approved by the owners of the directory before inclusion. The owner reserves full discretion to include or exclude any site.

Why be included?

The directory has been established to provide the public with an easy to use database of private investigators who have an informative web site describing their services within a specific geographic area. We will limit the number of investigators in any given area to a size that the owners deem to be reasonable giving the agencies listed in the directory a good opportunity to be noticed by prospective customers looking in that area.

You will also have a link from a quality industry related website linking back to you which is favorable for you with the various internet search engines.

Lastly, your listing will NOT be one hundreds in your geographic area. The owners have decided to limit the number of agencies in any one area giving you a better chance to get found by a prospective client. We are not here to sell things to you, nor are we in the business of referring work directly.

If you wish to be included in The Professional Private Investigator Directory READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS AND ADD YOUR LINKS TO US BEFORE you fill out your information. You will NOT be listed unless you link to us and our sponsor FIRST.

FREE Listings

The first option for adding your url to our directory is by linking to the directory AND to one of our sponsored sites. If you are interested in becoming a sponsored site, please e-mail us and let us know at info@pihub.org.

These links MUST be added to quality pages. (Don’t try burying the link on a page buried 12 levels deep with 5,000 other links on it.) You know what a quality link is if you are here, and please respect us by putting these links on quality sites.

We reserve the right to not include any site. Any poorly maintained or shifty looking links will not be accepted. Sites with a low or no search engine ranking may also be excluded.

Paid Listings

There are several options for paid listings. For the first three months, paid listings will be available for the regional and specialty categories for $50 for the first year. Once we get established, the price will increase to $100 per year.

We know that linking from a site is not always an option which is why we offer paid listings.

All paid listing sites are still subject to quality control guidelines and are subject to editorial review.

To register a paid listing simply fill out the sign up form and we will contact you via e-mail or phone to arrange the payment.

Buttons for linking back to PiHub.org

When linking back to the directory, please use one of the button options below:

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