Thomas Goodpaster & Assoc


Thomas M. Goodpaster & Associates is a general practice detective agency. While we offer a wide range of services, we stop short of “doing everything”. We do not pretend to know things we do not know, or have skills we do not have. We will not accept an assignment where we do not believe that we can complete that assignment with professional competence. If we accept an assignment from you, it is because we honestly believe that we can help you; it is not because we are “looking for work”. We will, on occasion, refer a potential client to another agency.

Contact:Thomas Goodpaster
Services:Matrimonial Investigation, Computer Forensics, General Investigations
Service Area:Minnesota
Directory member since:2005
Street address:P.O. Box 161
Postal code:55303
Country:United States of America
Additional languajes spoken:English
Primary phone:(763) 323-7324